Saturday, October 4, 2014


After being on the road from May to September it's time to give the Chinook a little TLC.

From a long list of needs and wishes this is what's been done so far:
  • SMOG tested and renewed registration 
  • Replaced broken MagLite brackets
  • Replaced Carbon Monoxide alarm
  • Replaced Propane alarm
  • Lubricated gas pedal
  • Resurfaced front brake rotors
  • Replaced drag link
  • Replaced steering stabilizer 
  • Front end alignment
  • Checked brake pads
  • Checked tire condition and pressures
  • Checked condition of shocks
  • Checked starter battery


  1. I got confused; I thought this was your "medical" testing and check up, not the Chinook's repairs :-)

    1. Ah yes, but just like me, the Chinook's warranty expired many moons ago, so I figure we both deserve a little preventative maintenance!

  2. I guess even with an extended warranty, everyone's "Front End Alignment" eventually needs re-adjustment :-)