Friday, October 24, 2014

I'd rather be ...

We need, I suppose, to be home for a while to take care of what seems to be an interminably long list of personal chores.  This week it's been all about the house.

The Miele-man determined we need new brushes in the drier to fix the noise it's been making, and now we're waiting on parts for him to finish the job.  I've installed new baseboards in the guest bedroom and living room,  Painting remains to be done and is next on the list.  The front door also needs re-varnishing  The plumber is here today installing new bathroom shut-off valves and faucets.  We've made one stab at de-cluttering the place, but now need to make a second, and no doubt a third, pass through all the 'junk' that owns us more than we own it.  We also heard this week that the folks who rent our beach property are moving out in November, so we'll be busy renovating it slap bang on top of Thanksgiving.  Sigh!

Yep, no doubt about it, I'd rather be on the road in our sweet little Chinook!  

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