Saturday, October 11, 2014

Here's Why ...

Although I'm very happy with the performance of my (130 Ah) Trojan SCS225 flooded deep-cycle batteries, here's why I'd consider maintenance-free (100 Ah) AGMs when the time eventually comes for them to be replaced.  Hopefully, with regular TLC, that's not going to be for a very long time!

The Chinook's battery bay was originally intended for shorter group 27 (96 Ah) batteries. At 9.95" tall the SCS225s are a really tight fit!

Care is needed when sliding the battery tray in or out!

Flooded deep-cycle batteries offer great performance but need regular maintenance.  This includes checking and watering at least once a month.

What's more the fluid level needs to be checked before and after every equalization*.

Because the battery bay is so tight on space, and the original cables have very little slack in them, watering is most definitely not a quick and simple task!

*Equalizing should be performed when a battery is first purchased (called a freshening charge) and on a regular basis as needed. How often this might occur with your battery will vary depending on your application. You will need to monitor your battery voltage and specific gravity to determine when equalization is needed. For example, it is time to equalize if the measured specific gravity values are below manufacturer’s recommended values after charging (recommended value for Trojan Deep Cycle batteries is 1.285 +/- .007 at 80º F (27º C)). Equalizing is also required if the specific gravity value of any individual cell varies 30 points or more. In addition, reduced performance can also be an indicator that equalizing is necessary. Equalization should be performed when individual battery voltages in a battery pack range greater than 0.15 volts for 6-volt batteries or 0.30 volts for 12-volt batteries.

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