Friday, October 17, 2014

Double Data !

Till the end of October all the major carriers are offering super aggressive data promotions - for example we just switched plans to get 30GB of data for the regular price of 15GB.  Included in our new plan is unlimited talk and text.  

What can you do with 30GB of data in one month? 
  • Surf the web for 600 hours (there are only 720 hours in a month!)
  • Stream HD video for 40 hours 
  • Stream music for 250 hours 
  • Upload 1000 photos to your favorite social media site 
  • Download 200 apps, games or songs 
  • And, send 1000 emails with attachments
Before these deals were announced we had been thinking of adding a 20GB MiFi service through Millenicom - but we're so glad we didn't!  Apart from getting 10GB more via our new plan than we would have done, for significantly less $$$ I might add, I hear that as of yesterday the minnow (Millenicom) was swallowed by the whale (Verizon); and who knows how that will end!  More at this link.

In case you are interested, all the carrier the deals end October 31.

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