Monday, September 29, 2014

Thoughts on being home ...

After 4½ months on the road we're back home for a while, primarily to take care of various medical & dental checkups, but also to comply with California's DMV requirement to smog test & re-license the Chinook.

Here are a few thoughts on being home versus travelling in our 'nook:

At home it seems like it's all work, work, work!  The more space you have the more there is to clean.  The more things you have the more there are that require preventative maintenance, or go wrong and need to be repaired or replaced.

Jane says it's nice to have a dishwasher, and our own washer & drier rather than having to wash dishes by hand and find a laundrette every couple of weeks - however these devices now all require a little TLC, and the man-from-Miele ain't exactly cheap!

Everyday living tasks (cooking, showering, etc.) are easier and quicker at home but so what!  The time saved is more than offset by having to take care of so many more chores.  Overall there is way less time for discretionary activities (aka fun!).

There's more space, and yet there's much less!  Obviously the house is way bigger than the Chinook, but beyond the confines of these four walls (at least here in SoCal) there's too much concrete, too many people, far too many people.  A chronic lack of emptiness.

On the flip side SoCal has so much stuff, so many choices, for anything, for everything.

If you have an annoying neighbor, by and large you are stuck with him.  In the Chinook you just move on :)

We (particularly Jane) are more conscious of the dogs barking at home - we don't want to be that annoying neighbor!

The view (such as it is) is always the same.  On the road every day we wake to vistas new; many of which are simply stunning.

Having a regular oven is a boon.  That's one thing we really miss in the 'nook.  A microwave hacks it not!

Fast reliable internet service, every day - no need to drive 10 miles to find a smidgen of 4G!

Having a TV is intrusive, time wasting, and frankly undesirable.  Ripping out the Chinook's TV and creating more storage space was definitely the way to go.  I really should do the same thing at home!

Every day the dogs are bored - they just love traveling, seeing new things, running free, swimming in lakes, all just steps from our RV's back door - at home it's a walk on a 6 foot leash, the overcrowded dog park, or a trek to Huntington Beach which is one of only a few places around here where they can run on the sand.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the opportunity for personal separation - the ability for her to go this way while I go that.  In a 21' motorhome you quickly learn to live within each other's personal space!  If you didn't, it would make for a very short trip!

Bottom line (for now at least) less is more ... a lot lot more.


  1. Enjoyable post (as always). I also removed the TV from my Chinook, but then I don't watch it at home either (I do get in plenty of screen time, but it's all computer and not TV).

    On your oven comment: Many of the Concourses (including mine) came with a "real" oven just below the cooktop. I really like mine. It does take away some storage space, but I made up for that by removing the microwave (just six screws and unplug) to "get that space back." I'm not really a microwave user though. Having both the microwave and the oven would cut into the storage space more, of course.

    Sure is nice to bake on a cool day! And I do store some pots and pans in it.

  2. PS: But I wish I had your woodworking skills/shop tools to make the nice wooden frames that you did for your former TV compartments.

  3. I agree! Less is more, but I gotta convince Janet of that, no easy feat! I travel with one bag, and my computer bag, that is it. Janet can travel with steamer trunks if they were in fashion, many of them, filled with art supplies.