Sunday, September 7, 2014

Short Hops!

Undoubtedly #14 is the best site at Hyrum Lake State Park - it's at the very end of the park with a large grassy area and a great view of the lake - it's the site we originally booked and moved into last Monday - sadly someone else had booked the site for Friday & Saturday nights - so we had to move - and move we did - a short hop - all the way opposite to #13 - but today the interlopers moved out :) - so back we hopped - hoppity hop, all the way into #14.

We may hit the road tomorrow, we may not, we may be stuck in #14 for days - it all depends on whether we can locate our lost package - here's what happened - we had asked our son Colin to send us some things care of USPS General Delivery in Logan - unfortunately he sent the package via Fedex, not USPS - and guess what - the Post Office will not receive General Delivery packages from third parties - so they bounced the package back to Fedex - and it's now lost somewhere in the Fedex system - apparently the Logan Fedex facility is unmanned so we can't pick it up from there even if they manage to verify that that's where it is - our best hope is that they can track its whereabouts before they return it to sender, in which case they can probably redirect it to some other nearby manned facility - if not back it'll go to the very last place we want it to be - to where it started, our home in sunny California - and if that happens we most definitely will not be happy campers!

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