Monday, September 15, 2014

Leaving Logan

After more than two weeks here Logan had started to feel like 'home', and we were both more than a little sad to leave.  We loved the wide streets, the variety of building styles, the close proximity and feeling of country and yet the citified convenience of everything, the friendliness of everyone we met, and of course the peace and tranquility of Hyrum State Park.

I'm sure we'll be back!

Driving south out of the valley we passed any number of places we wished we had visited (e.g. Campsaver for outdoor gear, and the American West Heritage Center for historical enlightenment), and we made mental (and physical) notes for the next time. 

Beyond Wellsville, heading up the mountain on US-89, fall colors were in evidence, and cried out for us to wait a little longer to see their full glory; but south we have to go as there are things we need to take care of in California before too long.

A quick stop in Brigham City to get some cash and then it was on to Pineview Reservoir, east of Ogden, where we are staying the night at Anderson Cove Campground.

Tonight's campsite:

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  1. Oh, sad departing, but looks like fun! Fall colors are neat!