Friday, September 19, 2014

Heaven and Hell

After our ugly drive from Ogden it felt good to reach Yuba Lake - beautifully isolated, no-one else around , lots of room for the dogs to run, truly quite heavenly!

Quite heavenly it was - until 8:30pm - and then it turned into something right out of a horror movie!

We heard a strange sound - kind of like the hum of electrical equipment - and then it happened - we were suddenly attacked by a flying horde - at least a bazillion insects swarming all over the Chinook - and at least a million of them were small enough to come through our window and door screens!  Instantaneously there were bugs everywhere.  It was awful.  We slammed shut the windows and doors but then not only did we have a million of the critters inside the RV but also another few million trapped in the space between the windows and screens!  Plus a few million more between the screen door and the back door! The screens were covered in bugs, they were throbbing, one pulsating mass of tiny critters, everyone of them fighting their way through the mesh, hell-bent on chewing human flesh.  Truly, it was purgatory!

After swatting and swatting and swatting for about an hour we had killed enough of the ones inside that we were finally able to drive a few miles down the road, beyond the immediate reach of the humming swarm, where I managed to deal with the ones trapped between screen & window, and screen door & back door.

By then it was obvious we had to find a new place to spend the night - especially as we could not allow the dogs outside for their evening constitutional anywhere close to here for fear of further attacks.

I'm not a fan of night-time driving, but I had no choice - so off we went, another 150 miles south, arriving around 1:30 am at Wally World in Cedar City.  Now as it happens, 1:30 am is apparently the favorite hour for local goons to drive their diesel trucks through the streets of Cedar City, all the while  belching clouds of black smoke, and squealing their tires.  Further the one spot they love to congregate is Wally World's parking lot!  Between their noise, the bright street lights, and our dogs reactions to the goons, sleep was impossible.  By the time it finally came it was morning, sunny, hot, and time to move.  Oy vey!

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