Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hangin' around Hyrum

Continuing to enjoy the peace and quiet of Hyrum Lake State Park we've extended our stay through the weekend.  At the other end of the park, where the sites provide electric hookups, there are a handful of other RVs but so far we have no-one around us :)

Joanie has a big grassy area on which to play 'fetch', the barbeque grill is churning out chicken drumsticks, corn on the cob, mushrooms, onions, and some particularly tasty sausages, and the weather remains close to perfect.  Who could ask for anything more?

With a population of under 8,000 there's not much to Hyrum itself - a grocery store, two or three fast food places, a gas station, and a few other small businesses; that's about it - but the state park is excellent.  The staff are friendly, the park is meticulously maintained, there are free hot showers if you need them, there's a dump station, boat ramp, canoe rental (only 3 of them ), and of course the lake, which is well stocked with several varieties of trout.

In other news, I'm still hobbling, but nowhere near as bad - so the prescribed regimen of rest and Ibuprofen seems to be working, albeit very slowly.


  1. What an excellent place for you to recover, who could ask for more as you said?

    Too bad there are not a few antique shops in town; he he!

    1. None here but we did look at a couple when we were in Logan - nothing of interest though.

  2. Thank you! Never know when you will hit pay dirt!