Thursday, September 11, 2014

Factory Stores

The Logan area has a plethora of super-inexpensive factory stores, so we've been stocking up on all manner of goodies ...
  • Lazy One for some really cool clothes (including his and hers pirate attire)
  • Gossner Foods for cheese (we picked Swiss, Parmesan, Horseradish cheese spread, Nacho mix, & Mozzarella), really great corned beef, tasty ice cream, and black currant juice.
  • Creamies for frozen yogurt bars
  • All About Socks has more types of socks than you can possibly imagine - we each bought several pairs of uber-comfortable, eco-friendly bamboo socks
  • Pepperidge Farm for cookies and Goldfish
  • Casper's Ice Cream for not only the obvious, but also a healthy dollop of homespun wisdom:


Forgot to mention Cox Honey where we picked up a couple of jars of health beneficial raw honey.

And to answer Greg's question, no not all of the goldfish are yellow, but a lot are:

Oh and did I mention how ridiculous some of the prices are? Here's an example:


  1. Okay, I can't see how one could buy "factory seconds" with regard to the food items! So, are the goldfish at Pepperidge Farms not yellow? Two dorsal fins? Frozen yogurt bars are not really frozen? Casper's ice cream somewhat frozen? Swiss cheese from Nevada?

    1. Nope not all yellow but most are - see postscript.

      Nope well and truly frozen, and check out the ridiculous prices!

      Maybe there's a lot of Swiss immigrants around here 'cos that's where the cheese is made