Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Avast Me Hearties!

Retirement means freedom to do and dress as you darn well please! Couldn't have worn this in the corner office! Nor gone around all day saying 'Arr' and 'Shiver me timbers' and 'Time to splice the mainbrace' :)


  1. Geez, I am almost "Hooked" on this picture! Walking the Plank will bring a whole new meaning in your relationships too, not to forget the "grog" at dinner time or your perchance for wearing a gold earring and having a parrot on your shoulder?

    You do have a bit of a "peg leg" right now too.....

  2. Oh, so is the toothbrush mightier then the sword on your Chinook Ship? You seem to be brandishing it quite well :-)

  3. You know you used to own a boat right? How come you didn't try this look back then?