Friday, August 1, 2014

Travelling The North Fork

We drove up the North Fork yesterday, sizeable sections of which were pretty rough, being mostly gravel that had become heavily washboarded.   The natural inclination is to go very slow over washboarded roads but in reality the best approach is to speed up.  I found it best to drive around 35 mph, at which speed the Chinook seemed to ride more smoothly (less roughly) atop the crests of the washboard.  At slow speeds it just vibrates the heck outta ya!

We stopped in Polebridge on the way up, and later again in the evening for dinner at the Northern Lights Saloon, where we enjoyed a couple of elk burgers (Jane's minus bun of course!).  I picked up a huckleberry bear claw and a rather unique loaf (cinnamon raisin with huckleberries, flavored with beer) from the Mercantile. Jane bought the T-Shirt.

Some great live music at the Northern Lights Saloon:

Hanging out in the back of the Chinook listening to the music:

Joanie decided to visit Polebridge's one and only Lending LIbrary:

Before returning to Polebridge for dinner we drove across the river, down the Inside North Fork Road, to isolated Quartz Creek.  We only saw a couple of trucks (no other RVs!), and when we did it made it mighty interesting passing one another!

Inner North Fork Rd., about the same width as the Chinook:

Quartz Creek:

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  1. What a neat place to spend the day, and I agree with you Andrew; washboard road need to be done quickly, otherwise you can shake out the bladder and a few other things along the way :-)

    Interesting lending library, total honor system. I remember when I was fishing in Jordan, Montana; no attendant at the one and only gas pump; you just filled up, wrote your name and how many gallons you took on a clip board ledger, and then at the end of the month the gas station owner told you how much you owed! Oh, and the gas pump was a gravity feed system with huge glass cylinder from the 1920's; what a trip to pump it manually full with about 5 gallons and then let it flow with a flip of a switch into your tank!

    Looks like Joani and Dexter love country music!