Saturday, August 23, 2014


It rained for most of the day - drove up to the Lamar Valley - again far too many people on the roads for my liking.  Most of them have no sense or consideration for others.  Just one mad scramble after another.  Idiots stopping in the middle of a rain soaked blind bend because some other idiot is pointing to a speck in the far distance.  Yes maybe it is a bison, but if you want to stop use the pullouts!  Don't risk a rear end collision or cause yet another traffic jam!  C'mon people do what the Rangers ask of you.
Cocktails with a couple from New Jersey who are on a mission to visit all the National Parks, seemingly at lightning speed. They have seen 26 in four months! Only 32 left to do! Dinner at the Canyon Village lodge confirmed the dubious nature of Xanterra's cuisine. Tums before bedtime!

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