Friday, August 15, 2014

Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway

Tiny gas station at the start of the Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway.  Although I had enough in the tank (without unplanned diversions) it was comforting to top off.

At the head of the byway (north end)

On a side trip to Coolidge the road narrows:

And gets rough

And rougher still

But the scenery is magnificent

One of the locals said 'Hi'

Then showed us his home

A little further south at Crystal Park, digging for crystals

And here's the crystals we dug up

In the evening camped at Grasshopper


  1. Don't you just love the honor system at these rural gas pumps? I bet they thought $3.92 was expensive gas for that area! So, with these crystals Andrew, do you have some jewelry design in mind for Jane?

    1. Yes, in town gas was about $3.57

      Not really- but maybe I'll surmount a magic wand with a crystal or two

  2. I see then earrings in the future for someone :-)