Monday, August 11, 2014

Heading South

Although we really wanted to extend our stay in Glacier National Park (indefinitely actually!), we needed to drive south to Helena where a package of medication awaited us at the Post Office in General Delivery. 
Due to a road closure we diverted through Great Falls, stopping briefly at Giant Springs Park for lunch and to let the dogs stretch their legs.  We also swung by Malmstrom AFB where Simon was stationed for two or three years.
Reaching Helena we drove out to Hauser Lake where we hoped to get into White Sandy campground.  Unfortunately it was already full by the time we got there, but we found a spot at neighboring Black Sandy.  What a difference between the two sites!  Black Sandy is a Montana State campground whereas White Sandy is a BLM recreational facility.  Black Sandy is tight packed (reminiscent of Finley Point), with even tables and fire rings shared between adjacent camp sites!  White Sandy is spacious and an absolute steal.  Because of our Senior Pass we pay only $7.50 a night compared to $23.00 at the State Park (normally $28.00 but we had a lower rate because of our Annual MT State Park membership).  Bright and early this morning we headed over to the BLM facility and  found a prime spot right on the lake.  :)
I didn't have time to take photos this morning as we needed to get into town - but they'll follow some time later when we're next back in Helena (no internet at the lake!).
We're putting down (shallow) roots for two or three days near the city to restock supplies, take care of errands, exploit a small pocket of AT&T service, and generally explore the state's capital.

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  1. Amazing about the cell phone/AT&T coverage being so spotty! You would think that will all those folks camping there, the signals would be better.

    Oh, I remember your entry about Finley Point; I have decided to rename it for you as an acronym:
    "Forget It, Nothing Less (than) Everyman's Yearning (for more space.)