Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dropping Down

Ever since we've been at high altitude (7,000 - 8,000 feet) Jane has been experiencing a number of health issues.  Yesterday things got worse.  Consequently we decided to cut short our mountain adventures and drop down to lower elevation.
Leaving the Tetons we enjoyed a beautiful, albeit rapid, drive through Wyoming, Idaho, and into Utah.  Bear Lake was an amazing aqua blue, and highway 89 from there to Logan was a visual treat.
Last night we camped about seven miles outside of Logan at around 5,000 feet.  Logan itself is around 4,500 feet.  We will stay one more night here, and do a little route replanning using Logan's excellent AT&T internet service (first LTE we have had in ages).
Our campground, oddly named 'Malibu', is on the banks of the Logan River:

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  1. Oh, I hope Jane is feeling better! I know Janet gets short winded when we go up to elevation.