Friday, August 15, 2014


Twenty miles or so south of Butte we are camped next to the Big Hole River at Divide Bridge, where we are enjoying a huge shift in weather.  After the near triple digit temperatures in Helena it's amazing to have gray skies, heavy rain, thunder and lightning.  As we continue our trek further south along the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway I'm sure we'll be without internet service for the next several days.  Here at Divide we barely have 'The Edge', which is nigh on useless anyway.

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  1. I took a picture of the "Divide" in New Mexico on our last trip/last year, and emailed it to a friend in Singapore; He could not understand what it was all about and had to look it up and was fascinated by how our country has a "left" and "right" or "East" and "West" divide to it for water run off.