Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Disaster Strikes!

Just before leaving Rainbow Point I somehow managed to pull a muscle, or pinch a nerve, or did something else unknown but equally debilitating, in my left hip / groin area.  I still have no idea how it happened, but it hurt bad, real bad, but nowhere near as bad as it did by the time we reached Yellowstone.  By then it was pure agony!  Even with my hiking stick for support I could hardly move a step. 
Originally we had planned to camp at Norris but given the situation we stopped at Madison, the first campground we came to.  A heat pad and a couple of extra strength Excedrin did nothing to ease the pain.
After a while I figured that given I couldn't walk anywhere, only sit, I might as well sit and drive.   Jane doesn't drive the Chinook, and my right leg was ok, so that's what we did.  We ambled north to Mammoth Hot Springs, about 40 miles, passing Norris on the way.  I couldn't get out or do anything other than drive.  So no visit to Gibbon Falls, or Artists Paintpot, or to the Hot Spring Terraces; no photos; just memories of what I could see through the windshield.  :(
Jane made lunch in Mammoth, and walked the dogs.  I just sat, and sat, and applied another heat pad.  Eventually we returned to Madison - I just did not have it in me to complete the clockwise loop through Tower Fall and Dunraven Pass.  In fact we even considered parking ourselves in Mammoth despite having paid for two nights in Madison.  The tipping point in favor of returning was that we would then be only a short distance from West Yellowstone where Jane can spend a few hours shopping tomorrow, assuming I still need to rest up.  What a mess!
By end of day I'm still in pain, still popping Excedrin, still applying heat pads, still hoping it'll fix itself soon, real soon, still amazed by how much there is to see and do here, vexed, totally vexed, by my inability to do them.

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  1. Oh this is terrible, totally terrible! What agony and what pain! We hope to hear better news soon buddy! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Greg and Janet (from Silicon Valley, California for a vintage pen collecting show this weekend.)