Friday, August 15, 2014


Bannack's history began in 1862 when gold was discovered along Grasshopper creek.  The population quickly swelled to around 3,000, and experienced all manner of evil doings under the thumb of murderer turned sheriff Henry Plummer, and his side kicks Ned Ray and Buck Stinson.  Eventually the vigilantes hanged Plummer from his own gallows.  With the decline of mining the town dwindled to nothing, with the Post Office finally closing in 1938, and the school some time in the 1950s.

Originally the county courthouse, the building was converted to a hotel in 1891.


The Methodist Church

Bannack's two jails:

Prisoners were shackled to the floor:

And had a distant view of the gallows as a reminder of their probable fate:

Masonic Lodge:


In the saloon:

This outhouse leaves much to be desired:

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  1. I found the church very interesting! These towns, like Bodie in California, always amaze me on how people lived then, and how long some residents "stuck around" to the very end.