Saturday, August 2, 2014

Alberta Visitor Center

This morning we left Glacier to visit the truly excellent Alberta Visitor Center.  

Leaving the park we could not believe the enormous line of cars waiting to get in.  Who knows this is probably normal for an August Saturday; but certainly not a good day to visit Glacier Park; all you'd see is people milling around, jockeying for position, fighting for parking spots.  Very glad we were headed out, not in!

We collected an enormous amount of information at the Alberta Center, which will be helpful in planning future trips to The Great White North (next year?).  The center is spacious and beautifully presented, the visit was completely unrushed with only a few other visitors browsing the displays, and the two staff members were knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful.

Parked outside the center we caught up on some paperwork, paid a couple of bills, cooked lunch, sent a few emails, and started to sift through the pile of material we had just collected.  Not a busy day, but a useful one.


  1. Wow, looks like a 5 star hotel! I am curious, you drove your rig into Canada, correct? Insurance/title issues you had to deal with?

    1. Strangely the Alberta Visitor Center is in West Glacier (i.e. outside Glacier Park). We have been thinking about heading up into Canada on this trip, but have decided to defer till (probably) next year when we'll make it the main objective rather than a limited add-on. It's pretty straightforward to take the RV into Canada. Issues to address include dog documentation, phones, internet, medical, minor things such as no cored or pitted fruit, dog food must be in original packaging, no potatoes, etc. Insurance for RV is straightforward

  2. Pitted fruit? Dog food in original packaging? So, the dogs need more documentation then people? Personally, thanks, but no thanks for visiting Canada; I feel like a circus dog just reading about all the "hoops and ladders" to jump through for that dog and pony show!