Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wallace, ID

When we were camped in Harrison our neighbors recommended stopping in Wallace as we continued our trek east ... True to what they described Wallace is a cute town, however for us it seemed overly geared up for tourists; and the bordello museum really came up short (pun intended, sorry couldn't resist), being nothing like their 'just as it was' description.  Also, as an expert conservation framer, I shuddered to see how they had handled some of the old newspaper cuttings on display!  Nonetheless it was an interesting place to stop, and we even managed to browse a few antique stores before leaving for the next leg of our journey.

Jane heading into the bordello!

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  1. Hey, I can tell it is a neat place to stop, but you are right, its got that "We did the town like Disney, Main Streat USA" look! It should would be funny to see Mickey Mouse hanging outside the Bordello!