Friday, July 25, 2014

Very Peculiar

Montana food at times can best be described as 'interesting' ...
This evening we went to what had been described to us by one of the locals as 'the best place in town'. I ordered an open faced roast beef sandwich which according to the menu came with a side of home made mashed potato and gravy. What arrived was, well let's say, not quite what I had envisaged! Slammed in front of me was a plate full of fairly evil tasting brown packet mix gravy, under which lurked a pile of unidentifiable white stuff, presumably potato, and a brown slab of something. On further examination the brown slab proved to be a hamburger patty; roast beef it was not! Very peculiar!


  1. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! One of the "discoveries" I have made traveling over the years is that most folks in the middle of the country don't know what fresh/wholesome food is; sure, there is the occasional "fun food" and such, but if this what passes as nutrition, no wonder some folks in the mid west have more chins then China Town.....