Sunday, July 6, 2014


Passing through Pendleton we stopped off at the famous Pendleton mill where Jane wanted to buy a blanket. 
The blankets are made on site, or for certain types of wool or patterns at their other mill location in Washington.  That's cool, but what's definitely not cool is that nearly all the other Pendleton branded items (apparel, bags, etc.) are made in China or Korea or Mexico!  So disappointing, so typical, so sad!

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  1. I AM SO GLAD YOU POSTED THIS! So many times we are "fooled" by what we perceive to be American made, yet, in some highly industrial city with thousands of workers toiling in often terrible conditions, these products are cranked out (albeit consistent, good quality) but it takes away the "flavor" and "feel" one expects from such a well known, American company.

    I had been battling this issue on my own recently, finding an American made, aluminum bicycle. Nothing out there today is made in the USA! For me, the answer came one early morning at a flea market when I spotted a 20 year old all American Made Trek 7600 bicycle, including the hand made, aluminum rims! The bike was in near mint condition, hardly used, and gladly paid the vendor the price she was asking for it. After some new tires and brakes (rubber goes bad) I can proudly ride this bike every day to the post office/stores knowing that I have something of quality, and build integrity.

    It just feels good........