Thursday, July 10, 2014


Leaving Idaho behind we drove into Montana along the beautiful St. Regis River, stopping in the little town of St. Regis to have a buffalo burger and a huckleberry shake, both of which were horribly overpriced (over $27 for two smallish fast food style burgers, one order of fries, and two small shakes). 

We would have loved to have camped along the way - the Lolo National Forest looked so inviting - but we had made reservations at Finley Point, so we had to press on (silly mistake, more on this anon).

We continued along the Clark Fork River till we reached the National Bison Range, which we really enjoyed and is very well worth seeing. 

From there we went north to Polson, and Finley Point, a Montana State Park, both of which will be the subject of another post.  Before joining the 93 we passed through Charlo, which was pretty darned ugly except for this interesting little trading post:


  1. I am trying to figure what type of artistic display the got going around the toilet planter? Either the various height bricks are their interpretation of "downtown" in miniature, or an obstacle course to find your way to the bowl to water the plant.....

    That is one large yellow dream catcher on the front porch. Bet a few nightmares get caught in it as well, it is large enough!

  2. Oh, the Buffalo! Gotta comment on them! Really pretty, and majestic too! You really got some excellent photographs!