Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kandahar Lodge

Celebrating our 45th anniversary we had dinner at the Kandahar Lodge, which is rated as one of the two best restaurants in Montana.
I think it fair to say the very best part of our dining experience were the cocktails. Jane's Parisian Gimlet, and my Montana Mule, were truly memorable. The asparagus with lamb bacon was delicious. The other dishes were notable for their local character, including yak, elk, quail and buffalo. On leaving the restaurant we found Bambi keeping a watchful eye on the Chinook - so glad she wasn't on the menu:

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  1. Great that you made your anniversary so special with a special dinner at a wonderful place. Neat log cabin/Arts & Crafts style Lodge! I have never heard of these cocktails! Yak on the menu? And for us readers a real treat; see you both in one photo, happy couple, thank you!