Thursday, July 17, 2014


We left Finley Point early this morning aiming to eat breakfast at The Forge, which according to Jane had good Yelp ratings.  True to my experience that you can never rely on Yelp we found that it was closed, even though their recorded message said they were open.  We found an ok substitute at The Knead, which was kind of quirky, with its entrance set back from a hair stylist salon.  My made-from-scratch corned beef hash was fine, Jane's Tree Hugger special was not hot enough and the potatoes were soggy, not crispy. Oh well!
The downtown area is reasonably attractive, as are some of the tree lined avenues in the older home sections, but sadly it looks as though many of the businesses are suffering, perhaps due to the economy, and most likely because of the huge cookie cutter mega store shopping area built to the north of town (think Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, etc etc etc).
One particularly sad note for me, as a former owner of a custom framing business, was the impending closure of the town's gallery & custom framing store.  I stopped by to chat for a while.  The business has been there for around a quarter of a century, but can no longer survive due to the above mentioned factors together with the crippling effect of cheap shoddy internet sales.  C'est la vie.

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  1. Many small businesses are folding up; victims of the big box stores. Used to be in the "old" days that even large stores participated and assisted the small business community. Sadly, the business model today is "total take over" of all businesses in a given area. So glad land prices are too high here to be subjected to this tyranny on any meaningful level.