Friday, July 11, 2014

Finley Point aka Love Thy Neighbor!

First the good - Finley Point itself is beautifully situated on gorgeous Flathead Lake, and the State Park has a pretty little marina.  

Now the bad - and why when we arrived last night at the Finley Point State Park I was kicking myself for not stopping somewhere remote in the idyllic Lolo National Forest.  

How on earth can a Montana State Park be a parking lot?  A parking lot for heaven's sake!  That's right a parking lot!  Did I mention, it's a parking lot?  Yep, a parking lot, that's what it is!  Pure idiocy on the part of the State given the vast resources at its disposal.  Big Sky Country my foot - Tiny Parking Lot Country is more like it!

This is the scene last night when we arrived after journeying more than 180 miles to get here:

Here are a few more photos of the parking lot, sorry 'campground'.   

And  this is why I am officially renaming this place 'Love Thy Neighbor Campground', because if you don't you'll be as miserable as sin!

The view from our dinette:

Looking on the bright side of life, we do have cool breezes from the lake this morning, and the noisy couple with a tent rigged in the back of a pickup who were  parked on the other side of us have gone (but there again who knows if their replacement will be worse)!  Also, we do have some financial housekeeping to attend to, and we have 4G, if not LTE, so that will keep us busy for a few hours.  Once that's done we'll go looking for somewhere for the dogs to run, because there's no space for them in this parking lot campground.

Oh well, better quit moaning and start looking for alternatives.

P.S. Polson isn't what it used to be when Jane last visited 23 years ago (also in July).  What used to be a cute little town, now just ain't.  C'est la vie!

P.P.S.  Did I mention this campground is a parking lot - my new neighbor on the driver side just moved in!

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  1. Yikes! Janet and I call this the "Grey Poupon Test"; if you can pass the mustard, at arm's length, between neighbors from windows, then you can for sure hear other noises "passing" in the wind too :-)