Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Extending and extending!

Although the Whitefish Lake campground is full (even more so at weekends with local day visitors) the individual sites are separate enough that it doesn't feel as though people are on top of you.  The abundance of trees around each site (most sites) is a big help.  We've today extended our stay for the second time, putting down roots through the end of this week, so we'll not now be moving till next Monday, which also coincides with a change in the weather.

Staying put for a while is giving us the opportunity to take care of a few chores, and do a little 'window shopping' at the local sports store.  Yesterday we spent quite a bit of time pondering the addition of an inflatable boat, but have yet to reach a conclusion.  In any event, sometimes it's better to ponder than execute.

Having done nearly 4,000 miles so far on this trip I've booked the rig in for an oil change, front wheel balance, and brake check on Thursday which will mean a trip south to the Ford dealer in Kalispell.  Getting there by 7:30 am when they open will make for quite a change in our normal morning rhythm!  Of late we have been lay-a-bed laggards!


  1. My wife and I are new to RVing and have recently purchase our Chinook Concourse and are enjoying your blog. My question today is, did you install the roof rack and does it interfere with the bathroom vent? John and Pat

    1. Hi John and Pat:

      Glad you are enjoying the blog!

      The roof rack was I think an option from Chinook, but fairly unusual. I think I have seen one on a Baja.

      You can see some photos and see how it works around the bathroom vent in another related post on my blog ... http://chinookers.blogspot.com/2014/03/bag-for-roof-rack.html