Saturday, July 5, 2014

Columbia River

Leaving Viento State Park we headed east along the Columbia River Gorge, crossing to the Washington side at Hood River via the toll bridge.  If you ever happen to take this route be advised that this bridge is so narrow that we had to pull in our wing mirrors to avoid smacking passing cars on the driver's side and the bridge on the other!  When they say 'narrow' they really mean it! 
Meandering along the largely empty 14 on the Washington side of the river is so much more enjoyable than hurtling along Oregon's 84 with bazillions of cars and heavy trucks.  Yeah that's +1 for WA!
Further along, and seeing the sign 'No gas for 82 miles', we briefly crossed back near Maryhill State Park to fill up, before returning once again to the Washington side continuing to Crow Butte where, being July 4th, we were very lucky to find a camp site for the night. The park was marked 'full' but there had been a cancellation and amazingly we picked up a full hookup site for only $15!  Crow Butte is an island with access from the Washington side via a mile long bridge.  A great site for anyone with a boat, just be on the lookout for rattle snakes!  One was lazing underneath our neighbor's truck!  Dependent on your point of view, one other negative, or perhaps positive, is the complete absence of phone and internet service.  The campground is immaculately maintained; the sites are large and mostly with good space between them; the camp hosts are super friendly; overall very nice.
Here's a shot of the Columbia River looking back towards Mt. Hood.


  1. What a great shot of Mt. Hood! What amazes me that there are rattle snakes in such a wet environment; one would think that rattle snakes would be a Southwest Desert type of snake. Lucky you got that cancellation!

  2. There are more bridges East of Hood River that are free and wider. You must have gone across the Bridge of the Gods, it's a very cool old one.
    I like the signs at Crow Butte...Rattlesnake if they can read..They can't can they??