Saturday, July 19, 2014

A very loooooong time!

It seems that it's our 45th wedding anniversary today!  How can that be?  Forty five years is such a very long time.  Most of the folks who were at our wedding are here no more, just Jane's siblings and a handful of other relatives remain.  I guess a few folk who were then friends are still around, but who knows where.  I suppose you can think about it as a kind of time-space non-continuum; as time passes the space between people grows such that eventually, for all practical purposes, the other party no-longer exists.

Apparently 45 years of holy dreadlock is known as the sapphire anniversary.  Not that I knew this yesterday when we were wandering around Whitefish, but as we were aimlessly browsing a jewellery store we saw that Montana and Yogo sapphires are mined here in the State of Montana.  As they say, it's the thought that counts, and we thought this was kind of interesting, so that'll be as close as we'll come to commemorating the occasion with a sapphire!  At least that's my view!  Jane says 'maybe'.

As far as it being a special day, I must say I was pretty excited this morning - I had cold bread pudding for breakfast.  That truly rocked!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Janet and I are traveling right now, but we wish you all the best for your anniversary! Hugs from both of us :-)

  2. I'm celebrating my 32nd year of not being married. Ahh...feels good. Might sit around all day and watch whatever I want on TV, then spend hours playing on my computer and go to bed whenever I want.