Saturday, June 14, 2014

Yachats River

Not surprisingly the little Yachats River runs into the Pacific at Yachats!  Being very shallow at the mouth, it's length can vary by as much as a mile dependent on the tide.
We parked by the river this afternoon to give Joanie a run, and then ate dinner at Luna Sea Fish House.  The fish was actually quite good (wild king salmon for Jane, halibut for me), but disappointingly meager portions.  The presentation was lacking, and the waiter was both abrupt and distracted.  On top of that, in a state that has no sales tax, we discovered that Yachats levies a 5% tax on restaurant bills! 
While much of Yachats is pretty (homes nestled in wooded hills, the river and the rugged coastline), the town 'center' straddles the 101 and lacks any cohesive charm.  Parking is not at all RV friendly.  Restaurants are mediocre at best.  All in all I'm struggling to understand why Frommers rates it as one of the world's top ten places to visit! 


  1. We've enjoyed reading of your travels - we're just down the coast at Humbug Mountain State Park where we're volunteering for the summer. If you get down this way, let us know, we'd love to get together for lunch and a chat!

    1. Good to hear you're enjoying the blog

      We're heading north tomorrow, working our way up to Astoria, then we'll jink back to Eugene for a few days before moving on to ID and MT in July.

      We may be coming back down the OR coast in late August or maybe September. If you are still at Humbug around that time we'll be sure to stop by.

      We'd enjoy meeting up and chatting.


  2. Very informative about this town, and I appreciate the details, including the extra "tax" on the bill. Janet and I ran into a 4% "health tax" on restaurant bills while dining at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Like you said, for such a small town, and the treatment you received, you would think that Frommer's would have told the story otherwise.