Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Just a few miles up the road from where we are camped is the little town of Waldport.  Visiting today to dump tanks we were surprised to find what might befall anyone forgetting to deposit the required three bucks into the honor system pay slot! To avoid any possible dispute I scribbled my initials on each of the dollar bills I popped in! Better safe than sorry! What's also kind of weird is that this particular dump station is slap bang in the middle of a street! A back street it might be, but still a street is a street is a street!
On the way into town we passed a truck weigh station. Checking our weight with three quarters of a tank of gas, nearly full propane, full black and gray, empty fresh we came in at 10,600 total, split 3,050 front, 7,550 rear; overall very close to our GVWR of 10,700. In town we found a great little farmers' market and stocked up on veggies and several kind of sticky goodness. We checked several antique stores but found nothing of interest. When I inquired after antique pens the owner of one store said in 26 years of running the business she had only seen three or four. I guess not a lot of Oregonians use fountain pens! We saw another Chinook:


  1. Thank you for looking for pens! It always amazes me how people in the antique business see only specific things based on their location. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, I just had to comment on the fine for not paying to dump! Good going to put your initials on the dollar bills Andrew, for, I would even take a photo of me, inserting the bills into the collection box then email it to myself to get a date/time stamp as well on the photo/email! Dump or get dumped into jail!