Friday, June 27, 2014

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

So the Spruce Goose is obviously the big draw, and certainly was interesting, but for me the jewel in the crown of this fabulous museum was being able to spend plenty of time inside a B-17 Flying Fortress with an extremely knowledgeable guide. The SR-17 Blackbird was a close second. Surprisingly there was also an interesting firearms collection. Overall a truly wonderful day, I could easily have spent more time here.


  1. I could spend 3 days there! I remember seeing the "Spruce Goose" in Long Beach when I was 10 years old next the Queen Mary with my Dad; what memories!

  2. The SR-71 Black Bird; my did remembers working on a few sub-systems/photo reconnaissance devices for that plane. One of the unique features of this plane is that when you fuel it on the ground, the tanks leak fuel; when the plane gets airborne and the heat/speed make the skin of the plane expands, sealing up the tanks!

    1. The father of one of my clients worked on the SR-71 and received a photo signed by Kelly Johnson as a token of appreciation. Over the years the photo was damaged. I arranged for a conservator in LA to retouch the image and then I framed it to maximum conservation standards. A wonderful plane and a wonderful memento for my client.

  3. BTW this was before I knew Janet, otherwise I would have talked to her about retouching the image