Sunday, June 22, 2014

Columbian Café

Now this place is definitely different - scruffy on the outside but very busy and obviously popular with locals - just a couple of booths and half a dozen counter stools inside, two little tables outside, and a looooooooong wait.  Everything is cooked to order in front of you at the counter, and every order takes a looooooooong time to fill. 

When we first put our name on the wait list someone seated at one of the outside tables (the woman in red near the door) had already ordered and was sipping on her coffee.  We waited at least 45 minutes for our booth, then after we had ordered, maybe another 15 or 20 minutes later, I happened to notice they were only now serving the woman at the outside table!  Even more astonishing was that she had only ordered a fruit plate. Jane's amazed look says it all:
I can't honestly say the food was worth the wait, although the toast and assortment of pepper jellies which preceded our order was excellent, but the overall experience was very entertaining.

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  1. Jane has the look as if to say on to Alex Trabeck on Jeopardy "I knew the answer!" but forgot to phase it as a question......