Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Driving east on highway 30 we stopped in Clatskanie, population 1800, which has a gem of a little park next to the river, right in the center of town. For RVs, the park offers four sites with electric hookup for $10 a night, one site with sewer connection next to the park host at $15, and plenty of space to dry camp at just $5, which is what we are doing. Adjacent to the park is a swimming pool which provides free showers for RV campers. Joanie was excited to see the huge grassy area and played fetch till she could run no more.


  1. I have a question; the reason why you chose dry camping is because you are saving money, or because the rate is too much for hook ups compared to your next stop which might be cheaper, so you just do dry camp until the next stop?

  2. We're self contained so we have no need for hookups. We find somewhere ever 3 or 4 days to dump tanks and take on fresh water. Being untethered also makes it easier to find level, better situated spaces. In addition we like to spend as little as possible when the opportunity presents itself to help offset more expensive nights. We rarely stay at expensive full amenity parks that are more geared up for 40' monsters plus toad. Our ideal site is quiet, spacious, quirky/interesting/attractive, and free.

  3. I should also add that the rates at this site are remarkably low, which is why I listed them

  4. Oh, I see, did not think of the better, level spaces (for sure taken by "summer long" families with frisbees and child size BMX bikes all over the place :-)) We do the same, as we just picked up our lifetime America the Beautiful "Senior Pass" for $10.00 which lasts a lifetime!

    1. Surely you can't be old enough for a senior pass!!!!!