Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blue Heron Cheese

This is another Harvest Host site, located on the north side of Tillamook.  We'll be here for just one night.  We enjoyed looking around their store and took the opportunity to stock up on brie which is their specialty.
A short distance further north is a Fred Meyer, handy for picking up grocery and pretty much anything else you could possibly need. There is also a well stocked outdoor supply store across the street from Fred Meyer, with all manner of hunting, fishing, camping, and RV stuff. Fun place to look around.


  1. Hey, I like that old Range Rover!

    I have heard of "petting zoo" but never "petting farm?" Can you explain the difference?

    1. Land Rover, not Range Rover!

      Probably not but here are two thoughts. Option 1: only farm animals. Option 2: something naughty with the farmer's daughter

  2. Oh, sorry, yes, Land Rover; thank you for the correction! I always think of those safari vehicles looked better with a few cheetahs on the hood and roof like those vintage African nature shows that used to be on the TV.

    Farmer's daughter? Okay, that is some heavy petting......