Friday, June 20, 2014


I just love this place.  Relaxed, friendly people, loads of interesting buildings, super river walk trail, trolley service, cute downtown, good coffee, great beer, excellent fish 'n' chips, lots of interesting antique stores, history in abundance, plenty going on (e.g. this weekend is the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival), beautiful coastline, dog friendly in the right easy going way, unbelievably affordable pet care (e.g. $10 for Bordatella vaccine compares to $43 in Orange County), some interesting desserts (e.g. Beer icecream), very affordable real estate, yep there's a whole lot to like about Astoria.

The Astoria Column is quite incredible, and the views from it are breathtaking.

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  1. Yes, Astoria is an amazing place! We visited the Lewis & Clark re-creation of their winter camp, Fort Clatsop and of course the Astoria Column! Was the visitors center now open at the Astoria Column? When we were there back in 2009, it was just a portable/temporary trailer with a gift shop. Second the motion on the people; super friendly, prices were unbelievable too on many things.