Monday, June 23, 2014

A Matter of Perspective

When we were planning to visit Astoria we read several positive reviews of the Fort Stevens State Park Campground ...

Well I guess it's all a matter of perspective!

OK, so first here's the positive:
  • The State Park itself is huge so once you are out of the campground area it is very scenic, with beaches and historical sites to visit
  • The campground is situated close to Warrenton and Astoria, so it's quick and easy to run to some excellent stores or go see some truly great attractions
  • As with any State Park, camping is relatively inexpensive
Now on to why I really, really do not like this campground; but first a warning, if you do not appreciate curmudgeonly comments you might want to skip the rest of this post!

Frankly, if I had not already prepaid our time here we'd find somewhere else to stay but, given that we have, we leave when we wake and we return when it's time to sleep, preferring to be anywhere other than the campsite during waking hours!  So here's the dirt from my perspective:
  • It's a big campground with about 500 sites.  It's packed, really packed, and nearly every site is full of kids.  Kids on bikes, kids throwing balls, kids running around, kids screaming, kids doing whatever else kids do.  Now I'm sure they are having a blast, and I assume their parents are too, or at least are pretending to given their parental responsibilities, but that's the exact opposite of what I look for in a campground.
  • OK I admit there are campgrounds where the sites are closer together than the ones here, but for me these are too darn close, especially given that every site is overflowing with all the accoutrements of family 'fun'.
  • What's more family 'fun' seems to be always directed in our direction!  Balls hurled at our motor-home, shuttlecocks batted into our space, bikes ridden over our tiny piece of grass, and so on.  
  • Some dirty rotten scoundrel stole our dog pen, our fresh water hose, and our pressure regulator while we were away from the site - no-one seems to have observed what happened, and the ranger just pretty much shrugged and said this sort of thing is always happening here.
  • The camp hosts on our particular loop are never around so I couldn't talk to them about the loss of the dog pen, or about anything else for that matter.  
  • The sites are heavily wooded, dark, dank, and teeming with mosquitoes; not just any mosquitoes, but huge, evil, ravenous mosquitoes.
  • At least at our particular site, there's no 4G LTE, there's no 4G, there's not even EDGE, in fact there's no internet service, period.  There's no phone service either.  Dead, dead, dead!
  • There are no trash cans in the loops - everything has to be carted to a central disposal area near the exit.
Bottom line, if you are looking to mingle with bazillions of kids, and get bitten to pieces by mosquitoes, you've come to the right place.  For me, next time I visit Astoria, I'll pass!

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  1. Oh, I have to comment on this one folks (which post have not commented on?)

    We feel your pain on many levels, especially with the screaming kids all around, running between motor homes like they are running between buildings in some town or city! It is as if the whole campground is their play land, and the parents, like sheep herders, allow the kids to "roam" over the whole pasture, without a care or concern for other people's property! I think sheep, or goats, are more well behaved then children, period!

    And then the theft of the dog stuff/water hose, pressure regulator! That is criminal! Time for a few Harbor Freight cheap video cameras that run on 12v with a recorder (black and white one is cheaper, but they have a color one too.)

    Finally the people eating mosquitos; this is often a function of how well a camp area is maintained, that is, standing water and such. Suffice it to say I use Jungle Juice; 100% Deet but maybe tough with your dogs, for if you touch your dogs, and have the Deet, it is not good for them. Better yet, put the Deet on, and maybe it will repel the buzzing children around your camp area :-)