Thursday, May 29, 2014

Three Rivers Casino

We've moved on to Florence and are staying free of charge at Three Rivers Casino.
When you sign up for the free Players Club card you get $10 worth of free play on the slot machines. Jane got excited when she played and won on 'Wild Panda'


  1. Now there is a slot jockey for you :-) So, what did Jane "win" on "Wild Panda?"

    Dry camping, right?

    1. Any time you walk out with more than you went in with is a big win in my book! So the $13 we walked away with, even if it's not a fortune, is very nice thank you!

      Yep, dry, pretty much as always.

  2. I agree! Too many folks walk out with just the just the proverbial "barrel" around their waist.