Friday, May 23, 2014

Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co.

It's 95° here in Orland at the Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co., another Harvest Host site, so thank goodness we found a shady spot for the night!
Super friendly people, and some very tasty cheese.


  1. Okay, I am a bit confused on the concept of "Harvest Host" camping. You just "pull up" to a shady spot on their property, and pay a small fee, and you are good a gold? Nice to have fresh cheese right out your back door too......

  2. There is no fee for camping at Harvest Host member sites (wineries & farms). Naturally you buy some of their produce, which is their incentive for membership of the group. There is a small annual fee for RV owners to join. Some of our best camping experiences have been at member sites.

  3. Thanks for the explanation! I really did not know that this sort of arrangement existed. I guess that the arrangement also keep your Chinook/RV stocked with various sundries, depending on what the Harvest Host member sells, which can be a welcome treat.