Saturday, May 31, 2014

Laundry Day

Today was mostly about catching up with chores.

 We found this great laundry - super clean, brand new equipment, card operated so no messing with coins, and best of all they had showers, equally sparkling clean, with lashings of hot water, so Jane and I emerged as clean as our clothes!

Checked the oil and tire pressures, filled up with gas and propane, dumped the tanks and filled with fresh water, and did some grocery shopping.

Along the way we found time for lunch overlooking the harbor. Bouillabaisse for Jane, blackened cod and a skewer of shrimp for me.

We found a dog park and gave Joanie a good run playing fetch.

 We also did a bit of house hunting - loved the one on Spruce Street with the RV parking and hookups:

1 comment:

  1. Squeaky clean all around! I have never heard of a laundry facility that showers for people too. Of course, I know of a few people that will "wear" 3 layers of clothes, and wash their clothes in the shower at the same time they take a shower :-)

    Find me a house too! Looking at those prices, I got "good" sticker shock, wow!