Saturday, March 22, 2014

Coach-Net Malaise

Until we bought our motor-home we always had AAA membership for our cars - and always had great service whenever we had to call upon them.  When we bought the Chinook we switched to Coach-Net based on the advice and common wisdom found on several RV forums where the relative merits of AAA, Good Sam, and Coach-Net were discussed.  

Thankfully we've never needed Coach-Net for the motor-home, and it may well be true that their knowledge and towing capabilities for RVs is second to none, but when it comes to everyday autos we've been seriously disappointed versus our prior experience with AAA.  Today was a case in point:  

Returning to our car after lunch the guy parked next to us pointed out that our rear passenger tire was flat.  From my phone log I can see that we called Coach-Net at 3:25pm.  We gave the exact address of our location, and a description of major landmarks (we were directly in front of the Edwards Movie Theater, 11 cars back from the entrance).  

At 3:35pm Coach-Net confirmed that a service vehicle would be with us within 30-45 minutes.  At 4:20pm they said it would be another 10-15 minutes.  

At 4:53pm I had a call from the tow truck operator saying that he was at the address but couldn't see us.  When I asked him exactly where he was he gave me our home address, not our current actual location!  The driver said that he couldn't come to a second address without approval.

I called Coach-Net.  They took for ever to answer (more than 5 minutes), and then, when I explained the situation, they categorically denied that it was an error on their part.  They said the tow truck company must have messed up.  Oh really! How could the tow truck company know my home address unless Coach-Net gave it to them?  After having to listen to a rather snotty customer service rep go on and on and on about how Coach-Net could not possibly be in error, he said he would communicate with the tow truck company and have the driver come to us.  After another long wait on hold, he admitted that they, Coach-Net, had screwed up and had sent our home address to the tow company.  No real apology, mark you, just a statement that they had a couple of different computer screens and they must have looked at the wrong one, or some such nonsense.  

Eventually, at 5:32pm, the nice tow truck driver turns up and swaps out our wheel for the spare (as it turns out there is no way I could have undone the lug nuts to change the wheel myself - the Honda's little wrench was no match for the way they had been torqued on).  

In chatting with the tow truck driver it turns out that this is not the first time he has experienced Coach-Net confusing addresses; he described another recent example.

Coach-Net says their " ... mission is to provide you with the exceptional service and the support you need to make your membership experience as rewarding as possible ..."  Today, and on a couple of previous occasions, they came up short  Maybe it's time to re-evaluate AAA and Good Sam.  

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