Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bag for roof rack

Our ultra heavy duty 60" x 48" roof rack fills the roof space aft of the AC, makes a great platform for all manner of heavy stuff, but leaves no room for a storage pod.  To compensate for the lack of a pod I've just added this 60" x 18" x 18" bag which fits perfectly across the forward-most section leaving plenty of rack space behind it for other stuff.  Hope it turns out to be as waterproof as advertised!


  1. Hi,
    I've been enjoying reading your blog for the past year or so while I looked for a Chinook - yours is so nicely taken care of. Finally nabbed one of my own, so now I look at your Chinook "technical" posts especially. Could you tell more about the roof rack? It looks great! Did you have it custom made? Buy it? Yes, I'm craving details :)

  2. HI and thanks for following my blog. Glad you are now a fellow Chinook owner. Which model/year did you get?

    I've never seen another Chinook with one, but I'm pretty sure that the roof rack was an original equipment option. I'm the second owner of my Premier and I don't think the original owner did anything in the way of changes.

    Assuming it was an OEM option, you might be able to find some more information on the rack if you post a question on the Chinook RV Owners Forum - are you a member? If not I suggest you join. Here's the URL:

    If you want I can send you some additional photos of the rack - let me know if you want some and I'll take a couple next time I'm on the roof.

    Quite a few owners have installed Thule / Yakima pods on the roof.

    Others have added a Stowaway system to the rear hitch, but I don't like that option for rear door models as it inhibits easy use of the door / steps.

    1. Added a couple of extra photos of the rack, assuming this might be of interest.

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