Sunday, November 11, 2012

Completely Floored!

I have no idea why RV manufacturers install carpet!  It's more than a little stupid when you think about it.  Carpet is a veritable magnet for sand, dust, & grit; every time you walk inside you trek in more grime and filth!

Ripping out the carpet and replacing it with some kind of solid flooring (wood or tile), would be ideal but clearly is no small task.  Maybe it's something we'll consider in the future when we have more time (yeh, like that's ever going to happen!), but for right now that option just doesn't fit with our schedule.

Tired of trying to keep the carpet clean, and needing a solution that we could install quickly, this weekend we laid SoftTile flooring over top of the existing carpet.  These interlocking tiles are 5/8" thick, are made from non-toxic closed cell EVA foam, and are waterproof.  The 2' x 2' squares are easily trimmed to size with a utility knife.  They make a pleasantly cushioned floor, are easily swept clean, and should provide us with an extra layer of insulation.

We didn't end up using the four 1' x 1' squares that we had ordered, and had a couple too many of the  tapered edge strips - otherwise we got it right as far as quantity was concerned.   Parts of the last of the 2' x 2' squares were used to fill in a couple of small corners.

As a footnote, SoftTile's ordering and shipping process was very efficient.

We'll see how their product stands up to wear, but so far definitely recommended as an inexpensive way of resolving the carpet issue.


  1. It didn't happen if there isn't pictures!! :)


  2. LOL!

    By the time I finished yesterday it was too dark for photos! Somehow I don't think an interior shot of gray tiles will show up too well anyway! But they make a great floor!

    And just for you this morning I've added a couple of extra comments and a photo. Enjoy!

    And thanks for following my blog :)

  3. I concur with Erik's comment. Having one photo showing the Soft Tile product doesn't help much when you don't show where exactly you placed it inside your Chinook (Back entrance steps? Galley area? Under the Dinette table? the length of area between the Dinette and Sofa?).