Monday, October 15, 2012

Micro Workshop!

This weekend I converted a small storage cupboard into a micro workshop.  This tiny space now houses a table saw complete with shop-built cross cut sled, 10" band saw, drill press with woodworking table & fence, router table with fixed router, plunge router, Colt router, jig-saw, circ saw, hammer drill, drill driver, planer, buffer, angle grinder, various hand tools, folding work table/bench with clamping system, and a lot more besides.  The 'workshop' includes 60" of vertical storage either side of the bench, providing plenty of shelf space for hand tools and consumables, although I have to stand on the bench to reach the uppermost shelves!  

Not yet in place, but space is reserved for, a small shop vac, compressor, 23g pinner, nail gun, vise, Kreg pocket hole system, and a bunch of additional clamps.  Also I'll probably add a pegboard hanging system and/or an additional shelf on the back wall at a later date.

Space available was minimal as one half of the cupboard is given over to document storage, and a place for Jane's bike. 


I built this cross cut sled for the table saw using an MDF base, dual runners, and maple fence. The acrylic blade cover lifts off.  The sled facilitates accurate cross cuts, so much better than the standard miter gauge, and provides zero blade clearance reducing or eliminating tear-out that can occur with the wide gap of a standard insert plate.

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