Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wood Gasifier Camp Stove

Today I built a wood gasifier camp stove from a quart paint can and a Progresso soup can.  This is an inverted downdraft design. The effect is that once the stove is lit, the wood inside is heated to a degree where it releases methane and other combustible gases, which are then ignited in a secondary burn stage. This provides a cleaner, more efficient burn than a simple fire.  I still have to build the pot support which I am planning to make from a Trader Joe's can of chicken.

So here's the theory:                          And here's the practice, notice the jetted gasification burn:

This is a neat little stove with fuel readily available for free almost anywhere you happen to camp.  Throw a handful of twigs in the burner, light the pile at the top and bingo, you're cooking!  Wood gasifiers make very efficient use of fuel, using about one tenth of what an open fire would need to provide the same amount of cooking time.  What's more without all that smoke!

For more information on wood gasification check out this article from the Renewable Energy Training Center at Morrisville State College.  Another interesting, and extensive, source of information can be found at Woodgas.NL.


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