Tuesday, December 27, 2016

And so this was Christmas ...

Lots of walks with Joanie on Kingwood's greenbelts:

Lots of naps after all those walks:

Inflation was de rigeuer this year:
Our very own Elf on the Shelf:

The tree was bear:

But not after Santa's visit:

Last minute grocery shopping:

Another Christmas Eve, another year older:

Monday, December 19, 2016

Catching up ...

Of late I've been too busy to post ... so here's a quick synopsis :

Hung out with the Simon and family at Thanksgiving:

Contemplated buying a little on-off road Yamaha (still contemplating & trying to persuade Jane that it's not as dangerous an undertaking as she imagines):

Much to my grandsons' amazement explained that you really don't need a computer to play solitaire! 

Hung out by the lake:

While driving in heavy Houston traffic a big truck veered into me far enough that his wing mirror struck my driver side window.  There was a loud bang and the window exploded showering me with glass.  Got it fixed just in time before the heavy rains started!


Helped the boys make gingerbread houses;

Helped decorate the tree:

Enjoyed one-on-one time with the boys:

Watched Simon Jr. and Sam dominate the court:

Kicked back on a cold winter's eve with my best bud, Merlin:

While Jane snuggled up with Dexter and Joanie:

Murphy (aka Shitbag) got a haircut:

And we mostly take it easy:

Monday, November 28, 2016

Heading East

Closed up house, loaded Chinook, headed east.

That night, arrived and dry camped at Paradise Casino, Yuma.

Oh no!  Discovered valve extender bracket on wheel simulator had fractured allowing extender to whip freely, which in turn caused it to sever.  Flat tire.  Called Good Sam to fix.  Stayed an extra unplanned night at the casino.

Found that the coach batteries were not holding charge.  Stopped off at Interstate Batteries of Desert City.  Tested batteries and found bad cell.  Replaced the faulty Trojans with a pair of 31M-AGMs.  Manager Mike Baker and his crew were TERRIFIC to work with.  They really helped evaluate all options, gave me a sizable discount, and performed the very tight & awkward installation with great care.  If you are ever in need of battery support in Yuma these are the right guys to go see!

Continued eastward to Tombstone.  Stayed at Wells Fargo RV Park, right next to OK Corral.

Discovered that Good Sam must not have properly reinstalled the wheel simulator, which is now missing.  Also found that the water heater flue grill had disappeared!  Somehow Jane had not secured the coffee pot carafe which crashed to the floor and smashed!  Hmmm.  Are we jinxed this trip?

Moved on to Van Horn.  Quick overnight stop at Van Horn RV Park.  Used to be a KOA, now a Good Sam.

Continued to Junction, TX where we made a quick stop at the Veterinary Clinic.  GREAT people!  Got antibiotic for Joanie's recently developed UTI.  Visit and pills together cost only $25.  Would have been hundred or so back home in OC.

Boondocked in the City Park.  You can stay three nights for free.  Great find.  Will stop there again!

Drove on to Fredericksburg.  Stayed one night at the Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park.  OK but not great.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, arrived at my son's home in Kingwood.